Installation of stone-plastic elevator sleeve by glue method

2019-08-31 10:13:58 22

Elevator sleeve is a kind of decoration material matching with elevator. It plays a decorative and protective role in the whole set of elevator equipment, and it is an indispensable part. Nowadays, thanks to the improvement of elevator sleeve material and the improvement of viscose properties, the use of viscose method to install with stone-plastic lines has become the preferred method for more and more construction parties. So how to implement this method? Let's take a look at it.


    First of all, the installation wall should be cleaned, polished flat, to ensure that there is no dust and grease on it, in order to prevent the gluing strength of viscose decline. At the same time, we also need to check the verticality of the wall, in these processes, any wall problems should be solved in time, less use of cement with the same material as the wall, more need to be removed. After doing these basic work well, we should draw horizontal and vertical lines on the wall according to the specific elevator specifications, and use the relevant cutting tools to cut the line elevator sleeve to ensure the smoothness of the cut surface. Then, the back of the stone-plastic line is evenly smeared with professional structural glue, and the line is glued to the wall according to the drawn line, and compacted manually to make it close to the wall, try not to leave bubbles, affecting the life of the future. At this time, we'd better use special fixing tools to clamp the lines, and then use glass glue to fill and smooth the cracks. Don't touch the idle people before it completely dries out, so as to avoid causing line alignment.


    The installation of stone-plastic elevator sleeve is roughly like this. There are specific methods for other materials of elevator sleeve, but now stone-plastic line is the most widely used material, so this method is also the most mainstream means of decoration.

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