How to judge the quality of stone and plastic line manufacturers?

2019-08-31 10:19:57 29

Stone-plastic line as elevator sleeve is now more and more accepted and promoted by more and more customers. In the process of more and more products being used, there will be some quality accidents more or less. If the factory is regular and the workers receive strict quality inspection training and then go on duty, they will generally take one of the occurrences in the production process of stone-plastic line. Some common faults of finished products have been avoided, but if there is no formal training in this area, it is easy to produce quality batch accidents. As an old driver who is very professional in making stone-plastic lines (elevator sleeves), the following is an analysis of several common faults that often occur in stone-plastic lines (elevator sleeves).

First, the toughness of the line is poor, the base material is brittle and easy to break.

1. The number of calcium powder is too low. We usually use 600-purpose heavy calcium to make stone-plastic lines. The lines made by this kind of calcium powder are delicate in texture, smooth in surface and will not have some small bumps of impurities. On the contrary, if some calcium powders with a lower number of items are used, the texture of the lines will be brittle and the toughness will be worse.

2. There is no use of PVC resin powder raw materials, the selection of some official materials, plastic steel materials. In the process of recycling, the product toughness is getting lower and lower.

3. The quality of chemical small materials is not up to the standard. In the plasticizing process of raw materials for stone and plastic lines, stabilizers, CPE and other small chemical materials play a decisive role.

4. The physical reason is that in order to reduce costs, individual manufacturers open the die too thin, resulting in light weight and easy to break.








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