What is the role of stone and plastic lines, scientific and technological stone in architecture?

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The role of stone-plastic line science and Technology stone in architecture:

1. The application of ancient building stones, the wall made of waste and ancient stones, is both simple and solid. From the mottled and disordered stones, we can see the wisdom of the ancients. Han Baiyu is carved artificially. It not only retains the natural beauty of stone, but also embodies the artificial beauty.

2. Building exterior wall decoration, in building wall decoration, stone is the most ideal material. Stone has the characteristics of decoration, durability and suitable for wall decoration. For exterior wall decoration, mainly granite plate. According to the different uses and processing methods, the board can be divided into four types: polishing board, rough grinding board, planer board and chopping axe board.

3. Interior wall decoration, mainly marble plate, marble generally contains impurities, its hardness, strength, durability are worse than granite. Marble is rich in color, with pure black, pure white and other colors. The use of marble colors and natural patterns is sufficient to achieve luxurious, simple, natural or ancient decorative effects.

4. The decoration of stairs plays an important role in the whole building. Using different colors of stone, we can clearly distinguish the boundary between the ground and the corridor. We can use stone to carve carefully. We can also use stone to inlay patterns.

5. Column decoration, as the load-bearing pillar of the building, has become the most striking pillar in the space after stone decoration, which doubles the charm of the building.

6. Stone floor, with stone paving the ground, can show the natural characteristics and artistic creation of stone, stone can be inlaid with beautiful and charming patterns, with stone decoration to give people a very strong appeal.

7. Horticultural stone decoration, the surrounding environment of buildings, often used to beautify water and stone sketches, so that the environment suddenly shines.

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