Stone Plastic Line Manufacturer Teaches you the Correct Maintenance Method

2019-08-31 10:25:42 33

With the development of modern economy, many modern buildings in society will have the use of stone-plastic lines. Stone-plastic lines belong to environmentally friendly materials and have a higher aesthetic level. However, even better things need good maintenance and cleaning methods. Now let the professional stone-plastic line manufacturers introduce to us the cleanliness of their products. Methods:



  1. Do not use acid or alkaline cleaning solution to clean the surface of stone and plastic lines. After cleaning, water should be used to clean it in time.

2. The doors of modern buildings need to be equipped with dust-removing mats of more than 2 grades to avoid gravel entering the surface or interior of the stone-plastic lines, thus damaging the ground.

3. When stone plastic lines are contaminated by liquids such as coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc., they need to be cleaned up in time, and neutral detergent is still needed.

4. When moving large-scale equipment, it is necessary to effectively maintain the stone-plastic lines on the ground, so as to achieve good maintenance of the ground to avoid scratching stone.


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