Stone Plastic Line Manufacturer Tell you Professional Construction Skills

2019-08-31 10:29:09 28

With the gradual development of the economy, many modern buildings are not very professional when they are installed, so that a variety of disharmonious things will happen later, seriously affecting the decoration effect of stone-plastic lines. Let the professional stone-plastic line manufacturers introduce to us some problems that need attention when installing:



 1. For the purchase of stone and plastic lines, we must choose what effect we need to achieve when decorating. We must not choose the appropriate size as far as possible. It is better to cut less.

2. When installing, attention should be paid to the verticality and flatness of the door jacket. Every side plate and line should be polished uniformly with professional glue. The colloid should be in the middle as far as possible to ensure the fixed position.

3. The location close to the elevator door needs to be reserved 5 mm from the edge of the elevator, and the location around the elevator should be consistent.

4. After installation, attention should be paid to the traceless treatment of the line joints. When fixing, the excess glue must be cleaned, and the construction of the glue should not be seen outside.



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