Notices for Installation of Elevator Sleeve

2019-08-31 10:30:46 25

With the improvement of the quality of modern life, many consumers have more requirements for building. As a common decoration, elevator door covers need to pay attention to a lot of places in the installation. Let the stone and plastic line manufacturers introduce some problems that need attention when installing elevator covers.



 1. Alcohol glue on the high temperature substrate will accelerate the release of alcohol gas from the colloid. The gas released from the colloid can only escape from the incompletely immobilized colloid layer, and there will be wrinkles or bubbles of different sizes on the colloid surface.

2. It is easy to wrinkle and bubbles when sizing is too thin and immobilized. In order to avoid the above phenomena, attention should be paid before construction: high temperature stage (12 noon to 4 p.m. high temperature period) and direct sunlight should be avoided when sizing, which is generally suitable in the evening;

3. The thickness of sizing should be at least 6 mm, so as to keep the surface of construction base material clean and dry.



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